Special window shapes

The track can be bent and reversed bent to a 10 cm (4”) radius for bay windows.

Additionally the track can be continuously curved for special windows like arches, bows and circles.













Ceiling bracket


Wall bracket aluminium single
A) 7,5 cm (3”): B) 6,3 cm (2,5”)
A) 10 cm (4”): B) 8,8 cm (3,5”)

Wall bracket aluminium double
A) 15 cm (6”): B) 9,2 cm (3,6”), C) 4,5 cm (1,8”)
A) 20 cm (8”): B) 9,2 cm (3,6”), C) 9,5 cm (3,7”)

Wall bracket aluminium triple
25 cm (10“)

Product information

  • Incredibly easy to draw and suitable for all types of medium weight curtains except eyelet

  • Very easy to assemble and install with Klick- in brackets for ceilings and a variety of wall fixed brackets

  • Bay window & Bow window compatible. Can be bent and reverse bent to a complete U-turn ! or curved to a circle!

  • Especially useful for unusually shaped windows and arched windows

  • The carriers are heavy duty and can be clicked into the track. Made from Nylon 6 which doesn't degrade in sunlight, they are very smooth and easy to draw and have an off-set eye for straight hanging pleats.

  • This track is wave system compatible

  • The maximum weight the track will carry is 8 kg per linear metre. It's more likely the fixings will fail before you get to this weight.

  • Colours available:

  • From my stock: white

  • From UK stock:  silver, brown, black,

  • From NL stock: off-white, sand, terra, red, blue, yellow, gold and green.

  • Special RAL colours: available to special order for large projects

  • Available lengths: from stock any length up to 6 meter (19’8”), (7 meter (23’) to order )

  • Track finish: powder coated with a factory applied patented Teflon dry lubricant.


For use in
• Hotels - offices - schools - healthcare - houses - boats - campers - planes
• or anywhere an efficient hand drawn system is required.















Mounting brackets

Wall bracket
3,5 cm (1 3/8")
6 cm (2 3/8")

A) Min. 10 cm (4")

A) Min. 15 cm (6")

Other brackets are available. Brackets need
to be placed every 60 cm (24”).


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