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Available with 3 motor choices: Shuttle L, Shuttle M or Shuttle S

And 2 track profiles: FMS and FMS plus

• Touch Impulse Technology, gently pulling the curtain to open or close (standard feature).

• Integrated Emergency Control ensures manual operation of the curtain in case of power failure.

• Modular motor, different modules can be attached for various control options: Radio Frequency, Switch, Infrared, Domotics, Building/Hotel Automation, Serial Communication, Z-wave, etc.

• Silent motor, speed: 14 – 17 cm/s

• Full automatic setting of the limits.

• Programming of intermediate positions possible.

• Touch Impulse sensitivity adjustable in 2 positions.

• Stack-back position programmable to every desired setting.

• Touch Impulse function can be switched on and off.

• 24 Volt DC Power Input, by using the 230 or 115 Volt AC adaptor (white), bracket included (internal on Shuttle L)

• Motor pulley connects motor and FMS track. Also available in upside-down version to hide the motor into the ceiling.

• All brackets from Forest product range fit.

• Torque: 1.5 Nm.

• Variable speed with slow start and slow stop.

Specifications FMS Track
• Weight: 303 gr / mtr (3.25 ounce / ft.)
• Aluminium Extrusion
• Size: 20 x 20 mm (0.8 x 0.8 inch)


Specifications FMS Plus
• Weight 500 gr/mtr. (5,36 ounce/ft.)
• Aluminium Extrusion
• Size 19,6x30 mm (0.8x1.2 Inch)​





The motor can be used in a track with one or two bends of 90 degrees. The track can be bend and reversed bend with a radius of 20 cm (8”). Continuous curving can be done with the electric powered bender. Bending is only done to order by the factory using client or fitter supplied templates

The new Forest Shuttle® 'L'

This brand new curtain motor has an integrated power adaptor and only needs a mains cable. Furthermore, the RF multi receiver is now integrated in the motor itself, allowing for an even cleaner look of the system. In addition to this, the motor speed can be increased by up to 20%, allowing for speeds of up to 18 cm per second. Finally, the motor is able to carry curtain weights of up to 40 kg.

On top of that, this new motor still incorporates the features that customers and users all around the world have come to love and appreciate, such as the noiseless operation, smooth touch control operation, automatic declutch during power failure and of course the fact that it’s used in combination with the world’s slimmest motorized curtain track system, the FMS® rail, which can be made in lengths of up to 14 meters.

Control options

Designed for use in any building automation system through the integrated dry contact port in the motor. 230V direct control is possible with the optional Dry Contact Relay. The BUS ports allow for individual and group controls of the motors.

A gentle pull will activate the curtain thanks to the smart Touch Impulse Technology of the motor. Standard feature.

In case of power failure, the curtain can still be moved manually. Standard feature.


Available in white and black, can be used to control all forest motorized window decoration systems. With 6 individually channels or in 1 group.


Available in white and black, can be used to control all forest motorized window decoration systems. With 15 individually programmed channels or in 1 group, with timer settings and holiday settings




Available in white and black, can be used to control all forest motorized window decoration systems. With 15 individually programmed channels or in groups, with timer settings and holiday settings. A basic 2-channel remote wall switch is also available.

Wireless Domotics communication with data feedback and automatic routing in a mesh-network environment. open protocol with “Scene Control”. Works with the Forest Touch App for IoS and Android devices.
















• Very easy to program; anyone can do it (no technical support required);

• Wireless Z-wave technology; no cables required and the system can be operated even when you’re not at home;

• Possibility to expand the system into a complete Home Automation system, e.g.: lights, cameras and energy meters;

• Open and closing times can be programmed, as well as multiple scenarios and scenes;

• No subscription fees; you only need to purchase the Control Box (consumer price EUR 111.57 only) which can be directly connected to your WiFi router.

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