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Forest Curtain & Blind Tracks

As an independent fitter I get to see most of the tracks on the market. Forest are relatively unknown in UK but manufacture the best selling curtain rails in the world, and are certainly the best sellers in th US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Europe, where their simplicity, vesatility and quality, as well as the reasonable price and ruggedness of product make them a firm favourite in both the domestic and contract markets.

As a company, Forest was formed by 3 Dutch curtain fitters who were dissatisfied with either poor quality steel tracks or over complicated aluminium tracks. They thought they could do better.


For me - the quality, ruggedness and sheer value for money simply cannot be bettered. The tracks are teflon coated to ensure smooth running, and any plastic components are Nylon 6, which doesn't go brittle with age. I have never had a complaint about these tracks in all the years of fitting them, and better still the KS, CKS, DS, CS, & CCS  are available from my stock and all of them use the same brackets and can have "Wave" or Ripplefold headed curtains


The Tracks



compact and high quality hand drawn aluminium curtain track system

compact and high quality cord drawn aluminium curtain track system

elegant, high quality  hand drawn aluminium curtain track system





Heavy duty hand drawn curtain track system for all kinds of curtains.





Heavy duty cord drawn curtain track system for all kinds of curtains.





Heading tape to form a wave, kilted or ripplefold heading for your curtains - like eyelets without the eyelets !!






Elegant shaped aluminium profile, with integrated Velcro hook tape - In my opinion the best Roman Blind headrail system on the market - much copied but never bettered. Now available with low voltage, or Somfy battery or Somfy Solar charged battery.




Motorized Systems:


Smooth and noiseless belt driven motorized curtain track system.


Silent, smooth and motorized at the touch of your hand or by remote, and by far and away the best electric track out there - can even be operated with your Smart Phone!


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Forest CS