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Product information

The Easyfold System is an additional feature for the existing drapery hardware of Forest Group. It can be installed onto curtain tracks and gives a special design on a curtain. Find below the unique features of FES®:


• Gentle, continuous fold drapery from begin to end of track.

• Hand drawn, cord drawn or motorized possibility.

• Easy to take down and re-hang.

• When ironed, the curtains will easily fall into folds again.

• Nylon snaptape to be stiffened onto fabric enables a continuous fold.

• Stack-back takes less width than conventionally pleated drapes.

• Quick curtain snap on and snap off thanks to detachable Easysnap carriers

• System: KS®, CKS®, DS®, CS®, CCS®, CRS®, Forest Shuttle®, CRS Corded®, FMS®.

• Can also be used in horizontally-curved tracks.

• Master Carriers can handle draw rods

For use in
• Hotels - offices - schools - healthcare - residences - boats - campers - planes
• or any location where a continuous, gentle fold drapery is requested.
















Required quantities of easyfold (Easy) Snap Carriers and Easyfold Tape per meter of curtain track, based on middle closing curtains

Forest Easyflex System

The Easyflex systems works with a 7,7cm heigh transparent tape with pockets. In the pockets you can fit the Easyflex hooks. This is the lower piece of the Easysnap carriers. The carriers are available in 80% and 100% width.
With the new Easyflex no metal snaps on mastercarriers are needed. Normal Easyflex hooks are used to connect the curtain to the mastercarrier and it works on all Forest curtain track systems.

An easy calculation tool to determine your wave depth, curtain fullness and fabric requirement
can be downloaded here:

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